by syaffolee

Once again, the evidence of suburban sprawl (or in this case industrial) was evident as I headed off to my latest random find. A large GAP distribution center sat in the middle of pristine grassland. Despite my general distaste for farmland and its herds of grazing cattle, it’s even more worrisome that our last vistas of “wilderness” or undeveloped land is being converted into a mechanic’s idea of utopia. But enough of that–I’m sure the next time I come home for break there won’t even be a hint of grass left. Just desolate parking lots.

As for my latest random find, it is a used bookstore called The Grapevine located in Gallatin, Tennessee (home to various country music stars like Reba McEntire and Johnny Cash). It has an adequate sci-fi, fantasy section although their section of trashy romance novels was three or four times larger. As for it’s organization, as expected of most used book stores.