by syaffolee

Merry Christmas!

The temperature is fluctuating between just below freezing and just above freezing–a real wide range, I can tell you. The forecasters are predicting “flurries” after Christmas although they’re as reliable as a random number generator. I’m just looking forward to tomorrow. The chaos of gift returns, sales, and hectic traffic lend an altogether different atmosphere than the previous days when people are actually buying things.

So to make up for yesterday, I have two (yes two!) things which I’m going to blab about, er review. The first is a movie based on a video game, Tomb Raider which I had initially ignored when it came out in theaters to see Atlantis. Scratching my head, I still can’t really find much of a plot. It’s more like a fan boy’s wet dream come true–gratuitous shower scenes, boob shots, and cheesy dialogue with blatant come ons. Will I see it again? No.

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, on the other hand, is a book based on a BBC television series. And it shows. The novel reads like a brief script. The action passes too quickly despite the brief spurts of macabre humor that tries to hold it up. Gothic fantasy? Perhaps, after it’s been chewed and vomited back out for the masses. Gaiman should stick to comics and leave gothic fantasy to the genre masters Angela Carter and Tanith Lee.