by syaffolee

Yikes! Too many days missed. It must be the slower connection combined with my lack of motivation to even turn on the computer. Break sort of does that to my brain. But I haven’t been sleeping the days away or vegetating in front of the television that much. Instead, I’ve been working what I usually do during break–writing. Unfortunately most of the stuff ends up as fragments of ideas or really bad first drafts. Most of my better stuff seems to emerge during the rest of the year when I’m under pressure.

Lately, I’ve been to another used bookstore, this one called Book Attic. There’s a sizeable collection of sci-fi and mainstream fiction. More than half of the store though is based on non-fiction which is where you’ll find some really cool treasures like sheet music. The only lamentable fact about all these bookstores is that they don’t have a database online where you can browse beforehand. Yeah, there’s sites like Bookfinder, but those only cover the more larger and well known stores.