by syaffolee

We got strange looks from passersby as we took pictures this afternoon. Well, we were throwing a stuffed toy off the roof of a building (among other various things). There were several times when we nearly got squished by elevator doors and moving library bookshelves. Security didn’t throw us out, but they were making fun of us. And we’re still not done. The things we do for “art”…

Tonight is the last night that the King of Spoons will be president. Or was. Near the end of dinner he was ousted by a horde of disgruntled off-campus sophomores wearing bright yellow t-shirts bearing the word “LOID” printed in front. They hosed the King of Spoons with super-soakers and the leader of the rebel faction read out a proclaimation for separation that sounded a lot like the Declaration of Independence.

Afterwards, I was off to interview one of the authors of Crippling Depression, Tim, for a class assignment. I got rather typical Techer answers until his roommate accused him of being sensitive and his friends dropped by to say that he had an unhealthy obsession with Disney characters. Then he went off on a tangent on his favorite movies and television shows. Since I rarely watched either of those, I was perplexed on how to end the one-sided conversation until he quite effectively just petered out. The interview wasn’t a total loss though, he did hand me a pile of papers with detailed commentary on his comic strip.

What is your medieval vocational personality? I am a benevolent ruler.