by syaffolee

After a really good downpour, everything looks clearer as if I had been watching black and white my whole life and now suddenly my surroundings are in technicolor. The colors themselves are darker, not like the colors when it is twilight (because then the colors are muted and smudged like bad eyeliner) but like the brilliant hues in a painting. The colors are rich like the chocolate death logs the incompetent cafeteria staff pass off as dessert.

I look up and find the sky a burgundy ocher because there is cloud cover. Occasionally it breaks and there’s a dark gash like a ravine. I don’t see stars though. The air is too thick with moisture to see such distant things clearly. I can notice the smell too, very earthy and woodsy. For a few scant moments, I am transported away from the daily drudgery that is called reality.

The grass is so green and cold. But that green is naturally muted. It’s nothing like the grass on commencement day–because that grass is spray-painted to perfection.