by syaffolee

Alpha Girl. I had the luck of being buffered from most of the superficial cattiness that “alpha girls” would have inflicted on me by my loner tendencies. It was easier to avoid the problem altogether. Also, I mostly associated with band geeks (if I associated with anyone at all) who were more concerned with getting homework done and the next band competition than the social faux pas that so-and-so did the previous Saturday.

Of course, it’s not so different in college either. People just happen to be smart enough to be a little more covert. I don’t hang out with the band geeks anymore–practically everyone I know now knows how to play an instrument–but I do hang out with chemistry geeks. But why chemistry geeks and not biology geeks? A lot of biology geeks exude a subtle snobbish air that implies that they’re better than others. It doesn’t help that half of them are going to med school. Maybe that’s why other science majors make fun of biology majors: they spend their time blowing a lot of hot air while everyone else is busy working.

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