Don't Shake the Flask

Because you don't know if it'll explode

Look what I got from Yahoo! Geocities in my inbox:

Beginning April 2, 2002, we will no longer provide FTP access as part of our free home page service.

I don’t want to pay their $5/month fee. This means that I will be moving this blog to in the next few days, just when I changed the layout too! So update your bookmarks, if you have any.

What is the appeal of television shows like Friends? I hear people talk about the characters’ lives like gossip. They can’t wait until the show comes on; they have to watch it or their whole world would collapse. Perhaps people are voyeurs. They would rather watch imaginary people squabbling among themselves than tackle their own personal problems.

Maybe a more accurate anology would be life trying to imitate art. The executives planning the show probaby think that it reflects how hip people are currently living. In reality, people are trying to imitate the hip people on television. It must be part of the reason why they’re so obsessed with shopping for the perfect clothes or with their own relationships.

If an association with these characters was viewed more as fantasy than reality, we wouldn’t be stuck with growing superficiality. People would stop anguishing about how other people perceive them. And I would stop rolling my eyes in exasperation.

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Three-year-olds have all the fun. They get coddled by grown-ups, taken to interesting outings, and goggled over by strangers who think their innocent antics are cute. They don’t have to go to school or work. They don’t have to worry what to do with the rest of their lives.

Toddlers also don’t have to put up with people’s irritating quirks. They can say, “Your breath smells bad”, and get away with it. Tantrum throwing is also tolerated and rewarded with a sparkly or tasty treat.

I wish I could revisit those toddler days when I could ignore pesky things like lunch table taunts and complaints about the weather. Everything would be less ambiguous. I wouldn’t have to struggle with understanding the hidden meanings behind jeering subterfuge.

Romantic Chinese Spook Test. It’s actually more like The Exorcist than a quiz.
Eisenhower White House Claimed Phobos was Artificial Structure. I wouldn’t be surprised if the current administration believes the same thing.
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