by syaffolee

What is the appeal of television shows like Friends? I hear people talk about the characters’ lives like gossip. They can’t wait until the show comes on; they have to watch it or their whole world would collapse. Perhaps people are voyeurs. They would rather watch imaginary people squabbling among themselves than tackle their own personal problems.

Maybe a more accurate anology would be life trying to imitate art. The executives planning the show probaby think that it reflects how hip people are currently living. In reality, people are trying to imitate the hip people on television. It must be part of the reason why they’re so obsessed with shopping for the perfect clothes or with their own relationships.

If an association with these characters was viewed more as fantasy than reality, we wouldn’t be stuck with growing superficiality. People would stop anguishing about how other people perceive them. And I would stop rolling my eyes in exasperation.

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