by syaffolee

I usually don’t do these questionnaire things, but what the heck, I’m a sucker for memes. Here’s the Tuesday Too:

1. New evidence suggests expansion of the universe is speeding up. Your time is now limited. What unfinished personal business would be your highest priority?

I assume you mean that the world is going to end. Well, I’ll take the first flight out of Los Angeles to be with my family and wait for it to be over. Otherwise, the earth will still be spinning around the sun (which will not be burning out in my lifetime) as the galaxies are flying further apart. I’ll go about my own business and let the physicists, astronomers, and cosmologists solve the problem.

2. Because you are an expert, you are asked to give a lecture at Harvard. What is your field of expertise (real or imagined)?

In fact, I just gave a seminar talk on electric fish two weeks ago. I still have the powerpoint presentation on my computer. I’m not an expert on electric fish (or anything in particular) but if you give me at least two weeks warning in advance, I can whip up something to fill up an hour.

3. This is your midnight or midday confession. Do you have an embarrassing vice to share?

I like karaoke.