by syaffolee

I didn’t get very much done today except for finishing up a spiral bound notebook full of my scribblings. No, I’m not going to let anyone read it (let alone get any of it published). Most of it is for my own benefit. Writing is a skill to be practiced, not full fledged instinct that can be simply called upon. So I do practice. It’s horrible. And it will never see the light of day.

More links:
Rabbits and Pointers. Neat little flash time waster.
Law Limiting Internet in Libraries Challenged. The internet definitely should not be censored by self-righteous moralists. It’s the parents and educators who should teach the kids to be responsible.
The Death Clock. This is a little too morbid for me. And a little too much like fortune telling. As I’ve ranted in a previous post, I hate the notion of a predetermined fate.