by syaffolee


1. obsolete: good fortune: prosperity
2. a: a state of well-being and contentment: joy b: a pleasurable or satisfying experience
3. felicity, aptness

The ancients had numerous deities to personify happiness.

But what is happiness?

I can tell you what it isn’t. Happiness isn’t listening to other people rant about what they think is right. It isn’t bratty kids swapping significant others more often than they change their clothes. It isn’t religious propaganda. Happiness is certainly not an insincere smile or a false compliment. Happiness does not originate from bitchy cat fights or revenge. It isn’t drinking yourself into a stupor or getting high. It doesn’t come from snide remarks. It isn’t a loud noise. It isn’t a haughty tilt of the head. And it definitely isn’t required reading.

So what do I think is happiness?

It’s the smell of damp earth after a rainstorm. It’s a rambunctious pop song. It’s an early Van Gogh (before he cut off his ear). Happiness is sitting in the sunlight and writing about nothing. It’s the faint stirring of an orchestral tune. It’s a fat cat. Happiness is a dark-colored dream phantom who whispers posessive things in my ear. It’s a finished book. It’s genuine laughter. Happiness is a foriegn language that can be easily learned.

I’m happy when someone actually listens to me.

To think about:
The Review Revue. There’s not much here yet, but it looks interesting. We’ll see how it evolves.
Rukeyser flap shows how PBS must be careful in trying to go young. Hey, I’m a twenty-something and I thought Rukeyser was pretty cool (for a 69-year-old). True, I’m completely out of touch with other people my age, but I too think there’s something to be said of age discrimination. Who says an old geezer can’t have broad appeal? (Besides, there’s something inherently creepy about a youth-obsessed culture.)