by syaffolee

One of Those Weird Dreams

I think it was processing one of the last thoughts I had when I was falling asleep last night. I had been reading angst-ridden journals all day and had finally given up in disgust. All they talk about is the trials of romantic love. Perhaps it had irritated me because I’ve never had the (mis)fortune of being in love to understand what they were yammering about.

All of this had reminded me of a girl I knew in high school who constantly complained about her love life. What she ended up doing was going out with a geek for senior prom which her mother approved of and then immediately ditched him for some effeminate Goo Goo Dolls look-alike with piercings in inappropriate places. I think she broke the geek’s heart.

As for the dream, I was revisting high school. I was in a classroom with my former physics teacher and the geek. The geek was standing around looking rather lost even though he insisted that he was waiting on someone. The physics teacher kept jabbering at me. “Oh, that’s wonderful!” she said when I told her I had read both Tommy I and II. Ironic since she had gone ballistic whenever someone used calculus in her class. I spent the rest of the dream wondering what she would do if I started writing integrals and derivatives on her pristine chalkboard.

Female or Shemale? I got a 12/16 like everyone else. It just goes to show you can never assume. When I was a toddler, people mistook my gender. In fact, people still get my gender wrong.
Queen Mother Dies. Enough said.