by syaffolee

It’s another round of Blogger Insider and this time JF from Testzone Blog Report got to ask the questions. Don’t forget to drop by her site and cheer her on in completing her thesis!

1. Why would/wouldn’t you like to like to get a job in your hometown?

My hometown has very limited options in regards to jobs. Mainly the only openings are for grocery store clerks. Most people commute to Nashville for something more exciting. So no, I would not want to get a job there now although for one summer I did. I worked at the local library. Even though I don’t have a degree in library sciences, I knew the ins and outs of pretty much everything (perhaps even more than the older librarians who had been there for ten or twenty or more years). I probably knew more because I knew how to operate a computer.

2. Are you sure your graduate education should not revolve around writing? Why?

I like doing research. Yeah, I may complain from time to time (usually due to lack of sleep or a failed experiment), but I find it cool that I’m doing something that no one else has done before. Besides, are you sure it won’t revolve around writing? I’ll have to write a thesis eventually too.

3. You find that the only available summer job is working as an assistant to the top wedding planner in Pasadena. What do you say in your interview that makes you the top candidate for the job?

I can follow orders. And I won’t flinch if the customers want Stayin’ Alive by the Beegees played non-stop at the reception.

4. You are selected to be on the committee that gives the top award to comedians. Who do you cast a vote for?

Conan O’Brien. Sophomoric but hilarious.

5. You discover your mother is secretly trying to match you up with a dork. What’s your excuse for not going to the party?

I’ll try my ubiquitous “I’ve got work to do”. That usually does the trick if I want to avoid anything. But if that doesn’t work, nothing will.

6. Your great great grandmother has risen from the dead. What do you want her to tell you?

The names of all the relatives that she knows. Then I’ll be able to contribute some valuable genealogical information to the morass that already exists on the web.

7. Why do stars only come out at night?

Oh, they’re always out. It’s just that the evil sun outshines them during the day.

8. Are you an only child? If so how was that good or bad, and if not what would your siblings say is your greatest accomplishment?

I have one sister. If you ask her what my greatest accomplishment was, she’ll look around furtively and say, “Uh…graduating high school with top honors?” We’re close, but we never brag to each other, so she would be rather unsure of what to say.

9. Are able to make major decisions with relative ease?

Yes and no. What I usually do is not think about it and procrastinate until the deadline. Then I decide.

10. You have the means to live anywhere in the world. Where do you put down roots, and why is this place special to you?

I’m rather restless so most likely I’ll be traveling a lot rather than staying at home. So my home base would probably be a large city like New York, London, or Hong Kong where I can get access to an international airport.

11. A Greek goddess asks you “which way is the way of the truth slayer?” How do you respond?

Point vaguely in a random direction and say, “I think he went over there.”