by syaffolee

A Bad Egg

I was attempting to hypnotize myself with a psychophysics experiment when one of the girls in the computer lab destroyed my concentration with, “I hate 80% of the people here at Tech!”

At the time, I had been studiously ignoring the low key conversation in the background that had something to do with most Techer’s naivety towards the revered honor code. Apparently what ticked off this girl was something about Techer behavior. She asserted that most Techers were inconsiderate.

All I have to say is that in her view, I probably fall into that 80% that she was talking about. I only mildly know her as some other guy’s girlfriend. I’ve never had the opportunity to talk to her–she’s like one of those people you ocassionally see but never really meet. The only close encounter I had with her was when I was cooking and I happened to be using tuna fish that day. She didn’t talk to me directly–she talked about me to her boyfriend in front of me.

Yes, she’s the tuna-fish hater.

Who Was Responsible For Elizabeth Shin? I’m appalled yet not very surprised. I think something went wrong on both sides regardless. The administration was not as active as it could have been and the parents seemed oblivious (possibly delibrately) of their daughter’s deterioration. It’s not a very good sign when the article also states that their other daughter is involved in a kazillion activities. Overachievement and perfectionism can be bad things; I’ve seen this make students neurotic even in elementary school.

Could there be any way to prevent this from happening again? I’m not so sure a crack down on mental health services would do very much good. After the alcohol-related death at MIT, there was a visible tightening down of the alcohol policy at Caltech. Students complained that the administration was doing it to prevent itself from being sued rather than really caring about student welfare. After all, this has only served to drive drinking underground. In the same vein, wouldn’t this extra emphasis on health care drive the really needy people underground too? Then we’ll never know until it’s too late.

I can say that in recent memory, there hasn’t been any suicides in the undergraduate community at Tech even though everyone complains that the course load is suicidal. People have said that Tech is a much better environment for grad students than undergrads, but the ironic thing is, the last suicide at Tech was a grad student.

Big HIV Problem Hits Small S.D. College Town (via Yald) One person knowingly spread HIV to possibly over 10% of the college population. Bioterrorism at its worst–because it’s much more personal than a bomb.