by syaffolee


I’m not afraid of heights, but I’m afraid of falling. This must have started back when my sister and I had bunk beds. I took the top bunk until one night I dreamed of falling. In fact, I did fall. I woke up when I hit the floor.

Falling is deeply intertwined with height though. When I’m climbing something, I clutch at the railing in a death grip. Once the fear seized me so thoroughly while I was visiting Casa Loma that I practically crawled up inch by agonizing inch the flimsy spiralling staircase that led up to the highest tower while the people behind me were impatiently edging me on.

I still feel uneasy climbing up and down things that don’t look too stable. On campus in one of the astronomy buildings, there’s the Pit. It was originally dug up for a telescope, but when the hole was finished, people realized that it was more efficient to build one above ground. Now there’s just the empty Pit, a four to five story deep hole that is completely empty and useless except for daredevil students. There’s one rickety elevator that goes down, but it only holds one person; thus everyone climbs the thin rusty ladder that runs on one side of the Pit.

In a fit of bravado, I went with a bunch of guys to explore the Pit (the girls chickened out). The climb down, to me, seemed infinite. I dared not look down. I constantly worried that my hands would give out and I would fall to my doom.

But I eventually made it, and all I found was dust, an ancient worktable, and a barely functioning Atari. Even below this, was a crossbase–the lowest point on campus. I crawled into that musty hole-in-a-hole and scratched out my name, immortalizing myself with the numerous other Techers that had made it down.

I’m not quite sure if all that effort was worth it.

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