by syaffolee

A Non-Dreamer

I missed dinner to finish a short story and what do I get as a reward?

“I don’t like dream sequences in stories. They don’t belong there.”

Those dream sequences were actually thought out. I placed them there delibrately. So okay, the prof thought my story was incomprehensible, but that doesn’t mean dream sequences are bad. It had some pretty heavy metaphors and symbolism (and I had thought that maybe I had overdone them) but still it was thought of as “mysterious”.

Basically I failed at my attempt at “realism”–I mean how many ways can you write about the grass growing on your lawn at exactly 5 PM on August 21st? How many ways can you “realistically” write about someone dying on a hospital bed or walk to school or ride a bike without going into the character’s mind?

Maybe by delving into a character’s psyche through dreaming, I’ve completely lost my audience. I’ve become too esoteric for my own good.

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