by syaffolee

This week’s Tuesday Too:

1. Tell us about your most frustrating experience in dealing with the government, or some kind of authority and red tape.

Usually the checks for anyone working in the biology department are distributed at the main office. So when I went to look for my first check, that was logically the first place I went. My check wasn’t there.

I asked one of those secretary ladies if they had any idea where my check would have gone so they looked up a list of people, put in a phone call, and told me to go to another secretary lady.

It turned out that I spent the rest of the afternoon running from one secretary lady to another–some who didn’t know what was going on and some who were out to get revenge on another secretary lady by sending the problem (me) to her.

Let me tell you, I don’t like being used as a tool for petty vendettas.

2. Tell us your crazy kitty or, crazy dog, or crazy whatever story.

Once upon a time, there lived a cat named Bathtub who never got bigger than kitten-size. She was nicknamed Psycho Cat because she terrorized everyone (her owner was just as crazy as the cat so no one dared complain to her about the problem). The tiny calico prowled the hallways picking fights with the other cats who were bigger than she (they all ran away when they realized there was no hope of pacifying the creature) and stealing other cats’ food.

She consistently used somebody’s bookbag as a litter box and liked climbing up into people’s lofts to mess up their beds. One time she crawled under our couch and didn’t come out until my roommate dangled her sandal as a treat.

This was back in the time when there were more of the drinking crowd hanging around. No doubt, the cat probably had gotten hold of a bottle of vodka or rum some time or other.

3. You’ve decided to buy a vanity license plate for your car. What does it say? If it’s not obvious, what does it mean to you?


I like using my noodle. I like eating noodles too.