by syaffolee

Was I born at the wrong time?

I’m a klutz at technological gagetry (even though I secretly covet them). I can barely operate powerpoint or photoshop (for one thing, they’re not on my clunker of a computer for me to practice on). I can’t tell heads or tails of a digital camera, and please don’t ask me to operate a DVD player. Most likely, I might make it catch on fire before I figure out which button is “play”.

There’s more of an affinity with something mechanical, something that I can actually put my hands on. It’s more visceral, gut-feeling. Maybe it’s more of a feeling of control. With push-button technology, you just press something and something else will do the work. If it doesn’t turn out the way you want it, then it’s just too bad.

A new gallery is up. They’re mostly pictures of interesting buildings around Tech. Yes, and I took them with my old non-digital camera.
The Fairytale Archive (my fairy tale site) is currently down. I’m doing some redesigning and moving it elsewhere. It’ll probably be back up in a month or so.