by syaffolee

This morning, I filled out a survey on racial discrimination.

I felt bad answering that I haven’t experienced any racial discrimination. Either I’m too sheltered and naive or I’ve been living in the wrong places. Or possibly I’ve been too dense to notice anyone who could have possibly been calling me names. Or maybe my personal definition of racial discrimination is different. Sure, I’ve experienced racial stereotyping, but that isn’t the same thing as discrimination.

Primarily, the survey was geared towards how other ethnic groups were treated by white people. Of course, there’s a problem, but a kazillion surveys won’t be able to alleviate it. To solve part of it, the majority group would have to make an effort at understanding. The other part would also have to come from the ethnic groups themselves. I cannot speak for the Hispanics or the blacks or the Indians or even most Asians (although the principle should be the same since they are also human beings) but the minority groups should also make a go at open-mindedness. This cannot happen if they stick to their own elitist associations and fail to interact with anyone who is different from them.

I also think that if people stopped being such busybodies and telling (or forcing) people what to believe and who to associate with, the world will be a much better place. But hey, nobody will listen to my advice. At least people will continue to tell me what to do with impunity even if I turn around and completely ignore them.

But on the whole, perhaps I was the wrong person to take the survey. My general feelings on the subject are wishy-washy at best. I’m not the hypersensitive person who blows my head every time someone supposedly maligns me. (I can get angry at stereotyping, but that’s a generalization about who I might be, not an obstacle in preventing me from going someplace.) I can probably relate to sexual discrimination better, but that’s another can of worms.

Those silly memes:
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