by syaffolee

The Tuesday Too:

1. What’s the best thing you did over the holiday weekend?

Sleeping. (It’s the best thing I do every weekend, but who’s counting?)

2. Who would you want to spend the afternoon/evening with getting the answers to all your questions? What do you really want to know from this person/animal?

One of those paper pushers working in administration. I want to know what it is that they do all day besides sitting at the computer and playing solitare.

3. Why do you think “there must be more to life than having everything“?

Having a bloated material life does not mean that one is happy. I’m personally not sure what the goal of life is–I’m still groping around for a coherent meaning–but I have a vague notion that it should be doing something that you find fulfilling and nurturing productive relationships. Yes, and happiness factors into there somewhere.