by syaffolee

Blogger Insider: This week, the questions are brought to you by Bazil from Miscellaneous BS. Great questions. I usually don’t think about these things at all. (Perhaps I take them for granted.)

1. You seem so artistically minded and yet you are studying to be a biologist, which in my mind is far from artistic (I could be wrong…never took much interest in Bio). Please explain your thoughts on this supposed dichotomy.

Biology can be a dizzying heap of facts, figures, and boring lectures–only if you let it. And being artistic is not solely dabbling in paint or composing a magnum opus. I think the key is to ask the right questions. The questions can be creative in themselves and if they’re productive questions, they’ll generate even more questions. That might equal more time in the lab, of course, but it’ll bring into focus more of the “big picture”.

I don’t think there is any conflict with my non-scientific side. In my view, it can only help. What’s the use of all the data you’ve painstakingly gathered when you can’t articulate what it means to others?

2. What do you think of while playing your instruments? Do you go off into a trance, do you focus on the notes themselves?

I’m usually on autopilot. It’s almost like I’m having an out of body experience where I’m just watching myself go through the motions. I don’t really feel anything (unlike other ardent musicians) although I do feel a sense of accomplishment after I finish a piece. While I’m playing, I don’t think of anything at all and let my hands and eyes do the work for me.

3. Do you read other blogs often? What is your favorite?

Yes. The ones which I read with any sort of regularity are found on my links page. I honestly don’t have a favorite because my reading tastes are all over the place anyway.

4. What affects you the most: visual, audio or old factory?

Um, I assume you mean “olfactory”? Well, I’d have to say visual because I ignore smells unless they’re really strong (i.e. rotten eggs, chemicals that should be in a fume hood, excess perfume) and I’m desensitized to noise (last year I lived next to three neighbors who liked loud music–one played Britney Spears in the afternoon, the second played techno at night, and the third played Backstreet Boys really early in the morning–and learned to sleep through it all).

5. Where is your favorite place on earth? Why?

I’m going to cop out on this one by saying I haven’t been to every place on earth to make adequate comparisons.

6. I have really started to enjoy talk radio. Do you listen to the radio, if so, what type of music or talk?

I don’t listen to very much radio now, but I usually liked listening to those weird programs public radio puts out around midnight. I studiously avoid the country and spanish polka channels. As for talk radio, I like listening to foreign channels even if I don’t understand a word of what they’re saying.

7. How do you normally handle someone who is really annoying to you- but that you have to work with/live with/study with?

Even if I’m angry, I’m not a drama queen or confrontational (you could say that I’m a bit of a wimp) because they are not actively hurting me in any way. I act normally and ignore whatever it is that is annoying. Eventually they either go away or I become desensitized to it.

8. Do you consider yourself average, above or below?

Average. Plus hard work and persistance.

9. What made you laugh today?

I don’t laugh that often. But completing the exit interview today made me smile.

10. When is the last time you had a good solid cry?

I don’t cry that often either. I think it may have been a month or two ago about my lack of social life.