by syaffolee

The Beginning of the End

The house’s informal senior dinner was held today to wish all the impending graduates good luck. Unfortunately I wasn’t there. I was stuck in class analyzing the apparent randomness that made up Tristram Shandy. (Not that analyzing Tristram Shandy wasn’t fun, mind you, but I could have gotten food in the mean time.)

But afterwards, I got my newspaper-wrapped present all the same, and a card that my friends had signed. The little notes made me smile, and yes, even chuckle. The King of Spoons still thinks I’m crazy. A lot of people hope I keep up with my writing. In fact for my “senior prediction” (which usually are pretty silly) I was to become a world famous science fiction writer with the longest running series ever. As a result, when prefrosh come to Tech and have to fill in one of those interest sheets they’ll have to answer the question: Grendel or Smaug?* Well, I’ll have to get published first!

However, this interest in my writing has actually surprised me. I’m not hiding in the closet about this, but I never really publicized it. Yeah sure, I told some people that I was novel writing, but they didn’t seem interested in it and signed me off as insane. Not very many people (in real life, that is) have read my stories. Even fewer have paid attention to my poetry. I’m not complaining, but I just find this sudden interest a bit odd.

Officially, the last day of classes for seniors is tomorrow. For next week, I still have classes to go to anyway–the professors, I suppose, are trying to toe the line and cram as much stuff as they can down our throats before we’re released.

*Just as Smaug is Tolkien’s monstrous creation for his fantasy work, Grendel is my monstrous creation for a sci-fi serial. No relation to Beowulf though.

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