by syaffolee

How do I feel? Like water spiralling down the sink drain.

The problem with working with a bunch of workaholics is that I feel bad if I don’t put in as many hours as they do. And then when I come back home ready to hit the sack and just skip dinner entirely, everyone else is jumping up and down and being hyperactive because they didn’t have anything to do all day.

Summer holiday. Summer work. Completely unfair.

Other news:
Did adoption lawyer really work 44 hours in one day? The answer looks cut and dry to me. Unethical overbilling, plain and simple.
Lawmakers blast Pledge ruling. I agree that the “under God” bit is a religious blip that should be cut out–in fact, it shouldn’t have been added in the first place. After all, not all Americans are Christians, monotheists, or religious, but come on, this is the sort of thing that most people don’t think about because in the larger scheme of things, this is not important. Only the obsessive-compulsive nit-pickers find all this wordage fascinating. Me? I’m more interested in the life or death stuff.
Star Trek: Nemesis Trailer. When I was in grade school, I watched all of the ST:NG episodes and most of the original series when they came on as reruns. My Dad was the one who hooked me onto the serial–but in reality, I was a closet fan because no one else I knew admitted liking it. My favorite episodes were the ones with Roxanna Troi and/or Q because they provided so much comic relief. (As for the other series? I never got into DS9; the characters were very mechanical. Voyager went downhill after they got that Borg babe 7 of 9. And Enterprise? Just a plain bad idea.)