by syaffolee

Canada Day

I should get today off. But no such luck. (My birthday is also on another Canadian holiday but I don’t get that day off either.) By virtue of birthplace and parental circumstances, I am Canadian. Bet you didn’t know that. But don’t despair, most people don’t and can’t tell. I am one of those unique animals called a culturally Americanized Canadian. I’m as Canadian as Peter Jennings, Shania Twain, Kevin Bacon, and (gasp!) even William Shatner.

I even used Americanized spellings. (Oh, the horror!)

Wanted in Manitoba: mosquito-eating bats. What they really need is an electrified bug zapper doo-dad.
Toronto worries trash will hurt tourism. Not only tourism but public health. Society today places so much emphasis on white-collared workers and elitist occupations requiring higher education (and I admit that I am guilty of giving into this emphasis), but it shouldn’t be forgotten that the underdog is just as important. The garbagemen, the plumbers, the construction workers–where would our take-it-for-granted and convenient society be without the foundation?
Made in Canada. Like beer cases with tuck-in handles. I don’t even like beer.
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