by syaffolee

I have a feeling Tech is trying to kick me out and extort money from me at the same time. How else am I to explain sudden phone disconnections and a solicitation to join the alumni organization for five hundred bucks?

To do:
Amazon Light. Neat. Now I can search for stuff without the annoying extras.
Scientists identify the spark of life. So now they think they’ve identified a switch that simply turns life “on”. Don’t be fooled. Life can’t be as simple as what this article implies.
Single Gene Makes Mice Big-Brained, Study Finds. For some reason, this reminds me of the plump white rats (as big as water bottles) sitting in plastic cages staring at me as I work. Maybe they think I’m a tasty snack.

A puzzle:
Once again, I’ve updated the links page. The blogs are now divided into two sections labeled by number. So what do the numbers mean? What the numbers are is probably pretty obvious, but here’s the teaser: What do the numbers represent? And why did I use them?