It is one thing to have someone inadvertently call you in the middle of a crowded area where everyone can hear the conversation.

It is something completely different when someone relentlessly quizzes you on a phone call that he or she is not privy to.

Annoyance doesn’t even begin to describe my irritation with nosy people.

Here’s the Tuesday Too:

1. Do you have a friend like Mr. Potatoehead? In other words do you have a friend that trouble seems to follow like a bad penny? Tell us about that friend or one of his/her bad pennies?

I call him the Guy on Blades. He’s always getting into trouble. One time his mother packed him a poppyseed muffin so he could have a snack on the flight over to Los Angeles. The police dog sniffed him out and security had to search through all his things. Apparently, the dog thought his muffin was opium. At least he didn’t have dirty underwear in his suitcase. Another time, he was on a road trip and at 2 AM he stopped at a parking lot to figure out the directions to his next destination. Suddenly the cops surrounded him. He had wandered into the middle of a sting operation where the police were trying to bust a prostitution ring. And of course, my favorite, he had his identity mistaken while he was going to JPL as a summer reasearch student. Security thought he was a spy.

2. Was there something you really meant to accomplish, or really wanted to do that you didn’t do last week? How come you didn’t do it?

My mundane answer: not enough sleep. Reason: too much other stuff to do.

3. Pretend you’re in the market for a therapist. What would be the therapist’s most desirable quality? Why that one?

The therapist would have to be amiable and easy-going. I’m not about to spill my guts out to someone I’m terrified of.