by syaffolee

Here’s this week’s Tuesday Too:

1. What is your favorite freeware program? If you don’t have have one you might want to check out some freeware sites. There’s still a lot of good stuff out there that’s free!

I’ve checked out a lot of stuff like browsers, P2P file-swapping systems, FTP clients, graphics utilities, and other programs, but they don’t compare to the eye-candy that is Chime. Okay, so it’s technically not free, but you can get the plug-in and visualize chemical and biological molecules in 3-D (among other things).

2. Do you think the way the internet has changed the world is essentially a good thing? Why or why not?

Definitely a good thing. Like jf, I think the research aspect of the web far outweighs the spam, pop-ups, and other crass commercial tactics that we have to put up with.

3. Is there something that’s really bothering you these days? It might be personal, political, scientific or just downright kinky. What is it?

Today? Nothing except whether or not my suitcase can fit the remainder of my belongings. I’m no longer working (at least for a few weeks anyway). All the snarky people who’ve been in my face are off to vacation–in fact, if I’m lucky, I’ll never see them again. I’m going to take my mentor’s advice and not think about science until grad school begins. Life is good.