by syaffolee

Here’s the Tuesday Too:

1. Here’s something to RANT about: “Nigerian woman loses battle…

Yes, but mere words won’t change the perception that women should be held to higher standards yet treated worse.

2. After reading the above article, most questions seem trivial; however, isn’t something like this beyond toleration/acceptance of “other cultures ways of doing things?”

There is no question that it’s beyond toleration and acceptance.

3. Explain your yes position on question # 2, and tell us what should/can we as individuals, or nations do about it? If you answered no to question # 2, tell us why we should should close our eyes to injustice in other nations.

In the first place, they’re not treating women as even being human. What do they expect us all to be, paragons? I’m not saying that we should trash an entire culture but that they should change with the times. Adultry is wrong, but it’s a mistake that every human being has the potential to make. And making mistakes is human.

I don’t believe invoking higher powers can justify anything, because when you cut right down to it, the decision is still made by human beings. We’re prideful, self-righteous creatures and injustice should be examined in any situation by someone outside. If we’re too close to the situation, we’d get carried away, unable to see past our noses.