by syaffolee

Why is it seem so natural to form cliques? And why does it seem so natural for me to feel like the outsider? I thought I left all of this nonsense in high school–the jocks, the cheerleaders, the political activists, the preps, those weird people who always wore black, heck, even the nerds. During my undergraduate career it was a little more subtle, but the cliques were still there–separate houses (i.e. dorms), the biology majors who all wanted to go to med school, the weekend drunk partyers. And now, you would think twenty-somethings would know better. Departmental divides, foreign students, people with significant others, bitter singles.

It’s a headache. I don’t even try to keep up with everyone.

Another headache is the constant barrage of phone calls and door banging I have to put up with every time I come back home. And they’re never for me. I didn’t come here to become a secretary and a doorman, so I’m quite tempted to buy earplugs and never answer the phone and the door. I’m not complaining about my roommates. They’re nice people so far, but the aggressiveness of the people following them around is seriously testing my tolerance levels.

Having an active social life is completely fine by me. It’s when someone else’s social life threatens to spill into mine that I start to worry.

Hallmarks of Felinity. A cat comic to bring a laugh and a foil for all the dog people I’ve met this past week. (Note: Never give beer to a dog.)
Annotated Scrabble Games. Facinating for word freaks, in particular anagram freaks.
How Does Human Consciousness Work? By electromagnetic fields creating a feedback loop? Give me a break. Consciousness is going to be a lot more complicated than that.