by syaffolee

Here’s this week’s Tuesday Too:

1. In this fast paced world we live in, is stress keeping you from realizing your full potential? Good God!, who wrote that? It sounds like an advertisement for a weekend workshop on inner peace.

I should hope not. I’m terrible when given the chance to procrastinate. I need deadlines to keep myself in check. I’m not saying that a slower paced world is worse, only that it may work for certain people and not others. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything.

2. Due to the nature of question number one, it is suggested that you answer it anyway you can, and then leave your own question for the next person, or persons to answer in the comment. On the other hand, you could just hit the back button.

Mine’s simple. What little thing are you doing for amusement this week? I’m reading Sev Trek comics.

3. What’s really on your mind?

Organizational meetings (there are too many of them), new research, where I want to do lab rotations, pesky vaccinations. I’m at a loss as to why there’s so much administrative stuff I have to do. Most of it is people repeating what the previous person said. I don’t understand why they don’t condense everything into a one hour lecture so the rest of the time can be spent more productively.