by syaffolee

Fog cloaked the surrounding pines, maples, and oaks. Cool air stung the cheeks. A squirrel sat beneath a bench to crack a nut with his sharp teeth.

I find the morning hours beautiful and mystical, but I’m hesitant to wake up so early. It’s not that I’m not a morning person. I just find it difficult to overcome the inertia of actually getting out of bed. After that, I’m fine. I don’t even need coffee.

On a completely different note, I hate it when books come out in new editions because then I’ll have to buy another copy. No, I’m not talking about newer editions of Shakespearean plays where the only thing different is the cover. I’m talking about biology textbooks like this one. I had the previous edition for several years now and was exasperated when the newer edition was required. Apparently, several new chapters and references were added as well as some reorganization of existing content. I suppose in my mind, the only real justification of buying a newer edition is if most (or all) of the content in the older edition is proved false. But that’s just the price to pay for going into a field that gets new information every day.

It would have been a completely different story if I had specialized in English composition!

Here They Are, Science’s 10 Most Beautiful Experiments. What defines “beautiful” experiments is that they are simple to implement yet show a universal truth about nature. I was a bit miffed that they didn’t show any biological experiments, but I suppose the reason is that physics isn’t messy–but biology is. Biology is complicated by mind-boggling systems that don’t do just one thing all the time. But hey, they should of at least included Watson and Crick’s paper.
International Spy Museum. I liked the intro.
Sketch Art. Wow. Looks like someone with too much time on his hands.