You know something’s not interesting when you sit through a talk and everything goes through one ear and out the other without so much as a blip from any of your neurons. Perhaps it would have been more amusing if those graduate students blabbing about their own research actually sounded excited about it.

Of course, some students lose their enthusiasm for things, which only means one thing: they haven’t been taking any breaks. Breaks for me means something artsy. For instance, this afternoon, I piled up in line to get tickets to see the U.S. premiere of Hashirigaki, a weird avant-garde theatrical production of dance, visual art, and music. What’s more relaxing than putting aside work to do something totally different?

Something that is interesting:
Kinoko-ya. Beautiful pictures of mushrooms.
Manuscript Setup. That is, if you want to submit your great American novel to a publisher, you don’t want to be rejected because you are messy.