by syaffolee

Some people say that they feel their teenage years were just yesterday. They say they can relate to a teen’s view. Or they act immature and attempt to excuse themselves by saying that they feel younger than how they look.

What’s with this obsession with youth? Are the teenage years supposed to be better? Or is it because teenagers are able to be self-abosrbed without being as harshly criticized as an adult because they don’t know any better? I may never understand–my own teenage years weren’t traumatic or even fun. I think I delibrately distanced myself from many things so that instead of going through the emotional roller coasters that my peers rode through every hour, I felt nothing.

Now this is not to say that I consider myself a responsible adult. I have a job. I pay rent. I pay taxes. But I don’t go to sleep or get up at reasonable times. I occasionally do rather stupid things. Sometimes I say stupid things. It’s just that I don’t relate to carefree devil-may-care attitudes usually attributed to youth.