by syaffolee

Rainy Day

Wet and squeaky. Except for lugging a bunch of CDs back to the library, I had a grand time walking out in the rain with my trusty blue umbrella that was torn at one end. It was a little chilly, but I walked with my coat open so that the air could sting my throat. The sky was a mutinous gray and the wind rattled yellowed leaves so that they fell on the ground in plops. The leaves were louder than the rain.

The rain drove many people inside so when I was at the library, every seat was crammed. Outside, fewer people were out. Most of those people outside were walking dogs. I met with someone I knew online for dinner. It was nice talking to another person from southern California who was also as eager to experience the seasons again.

A link:
Tom Lehrer’s “The Elements”. This little flash ditty is infectious. And it’s a great way for someone to memorize the elements in the periodic table.