by syaffolee

This week’s Tuesday Too:

1. What would you like the world to spend research money on (inner space, outer space, stem cell, you name it research), and why do you give it top priority?

I’m doing lab rotations this year so I could say that the world should spend money on the project I’m going to work on next year, but that wouldn’t really be fair (besides, it’ll probably be a drop in the bucket compared to other things).

Money should be given to basic biological research. It’s not that I’m saying to neglect other technology, but there are still some fundamental things that we don’t know. Sure, people are already throwing money at cancer and other disease research, but doesn’t anyone realize how complex those areas are? How can we even try to understand the mechanisms of cancer even when we don’t know all the details of the cell cycle or the genetics behind the disease?

2. Where’s the beef, Carmine Miranda, or what’s bugging you lately?

Caffeine keeps you awake, but it also makes you go to the bathroom more often.

3. Elliott would like to know, do you type without looking at the keyboard; in other words, are you a hunt and peek (in his case that would be hunt and claw), or a “true typist?”

I suppose you could call me a “true typist” although I don’t type too fast (although fast enough to suit my own purposes). I took a typing class in high school because it was required. The teacher was a short man with a funny moustache who claimed that he could smell gum across the room. He was also absent half of the time because he had a bad case of kidney stones.