by syaffolee

This morning I was a bundle of nerves, stumbling out of bed, clattering around the kitchen, running down the stairs, and ultimately forgetting lunch. I pictured myself lurching into a purgatory filled with paperwork demanding phone numbers and addresses of acquaintences I haven’t seen in ten years. And of frowning gray-haired women.

Meeting with advisors tends to do that to a person.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t even a little intimidated. Advisors determine your life because ultimately they’ll shunt you to the tunnel that leads to a job or the one that leads to a cardboard box. (Okay, so the situation wasn’t that dire, but I certainly felt that way.)

This evening was more relaxed. I even managed to peel my eyes from the ground to look at the starless sky while I was walking back home. The black clouds above made me smile and briefly forget about my problems.

Fun stuff (sort of): This site says I’m not a professional private eye. Well, that’s true. I just write about them.
Name Numerology. Your Image Number is 4. And others probably view you as being fairly hard-working and dependable. You like to be seen as a very stable and secure, family-oriented individual. And you’re more than willing to work hard to achieve the security you desire. Hm. Um, er, check please?
Lingerie Barbie. Arg! Stab me in the eye! I think what’s more outrageous is that price tag–and I thought dolls were expensive fifteen years ago. Barbies in general are scary anyway. I tore the head off the first (and only) one I recieved at the tender and impressionable age of three. Legos are the way to go.
How to Use a Ouija Board. Yep, my early Halloween link of the day. Ouija boards always freaked me out. They’re scarier than tarot cards, the I Ching, and ten consecutive viewings of The Exorcist put together. But they’re not as scary as Barbies.