by syaffolee

Tuesday Too:

1. What did you think was on the “other side” as a little kid, and how is it different from what you think is “there” today? (Thank you Leah and Gina)

I was dragged to church when I was little and I hated it. People said things and I could tell right off that they didn’t mean it. I suppose I believed in the cloud and halo myth back then as well as all the Bible stories, but now I simply don’t know.

I’m not one of those deluded scientists who believe in “intelligent design” either. I’m not saying that God doesn’t exist, but if there is a God, I haven’t seen any evidence of him. So my answer again: I don’t know.

2. What’s your mood today? Do you believe in the power of mood rings?

I’m very tired. Not the running up the stairs a couple of times tired, but the hibernating type tired. I want to sleep and wake up next week.

And mood rings are for sissies. What you need is a mood alarm. It’ll broadcast your every emotion to anyone within five hundred yards.

3. Describe your absolute favorite Halloween costume? Did you play tricks on people, even when they gave you a treat?

It has to be the group costume I was in during my first year as an undergraduate. A bunch of friends and I wore the corresponding colors for types of atoms (for instance, it’s generally accepted to make carbon atoms black in textbooks, so the people who were carbon atoms wore black) and tied rope between us to make up the chemical bonds. We were a molecule of sarin or nerve gas. We went around the neighborhood hoping we wouldn’t accidentally knock on the first year chem prof’s door because surely he would have detained us for about an hour lecturing us on our incorrect bond angles. Yeah it was geeky, but we won the contest for the group costume that collected the most candy anyway. And no, I did not play tricks. I’d rather hoard the treats.