by syaffolee

Bond. James Bond.

When I was in first or second grade, I was introduced into the world of James Bond. One of the networks was showing one of the movies, Goldfinger, and my Dad was very excited to see it. I got to sit through it and almost immediately I was mesmerized by the action, the dastardly villains, and cool gadgets. It was the first time I was exposed to something other than cartoons and sanitized Disney movies like Pollyanna. Of course, I didn’t understand why the main character was always kissing scantily clad women, but that didn’t detract from the main theme.

But why on earth would my parents let me watch such an adult film at such a tender age? James Bond has violence, sex, and suggestive language. Maybe they thought it was suitable entertainment. Or maybe they sought to desensitize me because I had no inclination of watching rated R movies until Schindler’s List. Or maybe I was just lucky to have parents who didn’t censor everything, after all they never checked up on what I was reading.

Anyways, James Bond has faded into nostalgia for me. Now, I only like the old cheesy movies with either Sean Connery or Roger Moore. The ones with Timothy Dalton were okay, but I felt weird watching them because Dalton scared the heck out of me (I saw him before as Heathcliff in a film adaptation of Wuthering Heights, and boy, did that give nightmares). The newer ones with Pierce Brosnan has only descended to the depths of bawdy.

Other things:
Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus. Word webbing. If I want to get serious with words, I’d use the old fashioned thesaurus in the form of a dictionary. If I want to waste time, I’d check this out.
Portrait of a Blogger. The author’s got it all backwards because the blogs I read can’t be put into his arbitrary classifications.