by syaffolee

As I walked home tonight, the sky above was inky and the air thick and misty. Even on the sidewalk, I didn’t feel quite safe. Fast drivers could still mow me over.

Global goofs: U.S. youth can’t find Iraq. This just makes me real mad. These kids are in my age group and they can’t even find the Pacific Ocean? I had to memorize all 95 counties in Tennessee. I had to learn the location of all the countries in the world from Southeast Asia/Polynesia down to those ridiculously tiny but long-named islands in the Caribbean. And all of this was before high school. All that education gone to waste.
Dark Passage. A fascinating yet morbid look into urban ruins.
The Internet Yodel Course. Practice makes perfect and makes the people who live with you think you’ve lost your head.
What Your Children Really Want This Holiday Season. It’s odd. I don’t remember my previous Christmases very clearly. I don’t even remember what I did on last year’s Christmas day except that I blogged rather incoherently about movies and books (which were borrowed from the library, mind you, not bought). I always found the holiday highly disappointing. When I was younger, I was jealous of other kids who had huge Christmas trees and presents piled three feet high. Now the commercialized shopping season is making me feel quite cynical. I don’t blame my parents. They spent money on me in other ways (like paying for music lessons). And now I’m just a poor student who can hardly afford sleeping in let alone getting presents.