by syaffolee

Box Fetish

I keep trying to tell myself that I’m not a packrat, but I don’t think these constant mantras are helping.

Lately, I’ve discovered a love of collecting boxes. Like those small fancy coffee and cookie tins. Large cardboard boxes. Plastic boxes. Cardboard boxes that used to contain packets of jello. Even jam jars. One time I saw a sign that said “Free Boxes”. I took home an armload of small paper boxes that could be used to store index cards. Except I don’t have any index cards.

My obsession with collecting things once got me in trouble. When I was in high school, I collected pencils. Any and every kind. During the height of my mania, I had to do college interviews. Needless to say, my meeting with the young doctor who was an interviewer for one of the universities I applied for did not go well.

One day, I’ve got to make myself throw them all away before my roommates finally realize I’m crazy.

Pictures of Boxes on Google. Yum.
Origami Box. I know how to make lots and lots of them fit together like Russian nesting dolls.