by syaffolee

Ugh. I feel as if my brain has been sucked out by a cephalophilic monster. Two more days.

I’m wondering if my school has possession of all the thoughts I jot down. I know that if anyone comes out with a brilliant idea as a student and jots it down, it automatically becomes the property of the school. It happened to the guy who invented the sticky glue to put behind post-it notes. He scribbled the idea down in the margins of his lab notebook on a lark and now his alma mater gets a lot of money from world-wide consumption of sticky notes. So if that is the case and I write something down as a student that will later be profitable (a breakthrough discovery or a popular trashy novel) will I lose all my rights of my idea to the institution?

Popdex. Is it just me or is there a sudden explosion of popularity indices on the web?