by syaffolee

Choice vs. Fate

On Wednesday, I sent out into the Big Black Void a list of choices. It was ranked from first to last, in order. Clear. Unambiguous. Then last night, I started having dreams where a nervous figure kept pulling me aside to tell me what a Big Mistake that I had put my first choice first. This morning, I had discovered that I had gotten my second choice instead. I was both disappointed and relieved because all day yesterday I had been trying to ignore that little voice in the back of my mind that was churning out doubts.

So did I subconsciously pick my the first choice because I knew I wasn’t going to get it, or did my dreams predict what might happen? (I know, dreams are somewhat boring to read about, but I’ve just been plain disturbed on how relevant they’ve become these past few days. I usually remember only odd dreams with aliens and clowns and mazes.)

To play:
Time Hunt. A nifty flash game that’s not for the easily frustrated. Instead of testing your motor skills, you get to use that bit of grey matter between your ears. Philosophical concepts of time. Guaranteed to burst a couple of those precious neurons.