by syaffolee

I feel a little out of sorts. It may be due to the fact that I was waiting in below freezing weather for about an hour.

Oh, and I got the latest edition of Best American Essays while I was in the local bookstore attempting to loot out a bargain. (And why is it that shoppers at bookstores always look at me strangely? Is it because I resemble a navy polar bear? Is it because I’m wearing my yarn hat? Is it because I don’t have one of those annoyingly adorable chic purses that you stuff under your armpit?) Other than the essays, the book selection was absolutely dismal. Is it because people around here aren’t sci-fi freaks like myself?

Anyways, some strange ladies at the checkout counter thought that the glass jars I bought were “good gift ideas”. Hm.

W.S.J.: G.O.P., R.I.P. Why is it that names are shortened to mere initials? If our civilization was suddenly wiped out, would an archaeologist in the future be able to decipher them? Abbreviations litter our language, from LOTR (Lord of the Rings) and AOTC (Attack of the Clones) to CD-ROM (compact disc read-only memory) and all the way to more technical jargon like DTT (dithiothreitol), MAPK (mitogen-activated protein kinase), GPS (global positioning system), and LED (light emitting diode). When will this overwhelm us to the point of not really meaning what we say? (I know some people already practice this. It’s called lying. What I mean is that simple words start standing in for other things.)

Over U.S. Protest, Asian Group Approves Family Planning Goals All right, let me get this straight: the American delegation says that the United States is against abortion? That’s not what the Supreme Court ruled. I think the current administration is attempting to take the moral high ground when it is hypocritical for them to do so. What about Enron? The death penalty?