by syaffolee

Christmas Eve

Yes, yes, I’ve been completely remiss in updating, but like most people, I’m enjoying the holiday season. Let’s see, last Friday I caught a screening of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers which was mostly fight scenes. I was a bit disappointed that they cut out so much about Merry, Pippin, and Treebeard, but nonetheless, a very awesome movie. And despite seeing it out in the boondocks where most people would rather see country music stars onstage, I was quite surprised by the number of LOTR fanatics (read: people in costume) out to see the movie even when it wasn’t opening night.

On other fronts, my sister and I have been messing around in the kitchen. Today we made apple pie and shortbread, both of which actually turned out quite tasty. The shortbread, however, was a bit hard. I think we left it in the oven too long. And of course, relatives my parents haven’t heard from in twenty years called. Like all the other coldly ambitious Asians I’ve ever met, they interrogated my parents on which universities their kids were attending and what we were majoring in. What happened to wishing your loved ones a “Merry Christmas”?