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I seriously have to say: I don’t get it. The film society is having a run of anime movies the whole term and I decided to take a brief break to watch some mindless fun. Mindless, yes. Fun, not really. Non-existent plot, poor dialogue, and gratuitous violence. Freud would have had a field day if he saw all the dream sequences.

This particular experience was heightened by the fact that the audience laughed through the bad dialogue and the girl sitting behind me was complaining about the style of animation throughout the whole film. One would have thought that this had been a comedy instead when everyone laughed at the finale. But no, the finale was a shot of the hero (who was the only character to survive the entire ordeal) crying over the bodiless head of his friend, which unfortunately reminded me of Strauss’s opera Salome where the titled heroine made love to John the Baptist’s head.

Something else again:
Justice Department probes Texas Tech professor’s policy. (Also referenced on Metafilter.) I don’t think this is a case of religious discrimination. I think it’s a case of students who think they’re entitled to get recommendations. Professors are not obligated to recommend anyone. Personally, I think recommendations are the last frontier in which students can distinguish themselves when applying for graduate school. Excellent grades are a dime a dozen. I would hate to think that recommendations would also go that route. (I can say this with some authority–I worked my butt off to get my recommendations from well-known biologists, and I’m not happy that smarmy pre-meds want to cruise through the whole process with their photographic memories.)

Another silly quiz, this time via Taco Shop Psychic

Which OS are You?
Which OS are You?