by syaffolee

It’s just one of those days when every minute is occupied–one of those days when I leave the house and my roommates are still sleeping. And when I come back, they would already be back in bed.

No, no. I’m not going to start doing memes every day. Just Thursdays.

The Thursday Threesome: New Paint Smell (Reminds me of a paper I’ve read today that observed the phenomenon of foursome schmooing. You can tell I have yeast on the brain.)

Onesome: New – Hey, it’s close enough to spring (even though the East Coasters have been getting hammered) to ask what’s on the “to do” list for March. Do you have plans for changing anything around in your home or apartment? …or are you ready to just get out of the place once the weather clears?

March is Deadline Month. I won’t be able to do any housecleaning or home improvements at all. If possible, I will be even more stressed out then than I am now. At least my roommates and I are relative neat freaks–it wouldn’t be too hard to coerce one of them to do the vacuuming instead.

Twosome: Paint – …any refurbishing or refinishing projects just waiting for the warm weather? That trim that needs painting or that one room with that horrible carpet? …or do you have something you just dream about doing?

No. Not really. I don’t dream about refurbishing anything either. All my dreams lately have been nightmare chase scenes.

Threesome: Smell – …and lest we forget the gardeners out there: what spring madness do you have planned in the plant world? New flowers for the windowsill? How about that garden where the snails took over last year? …or does a quick dusting of the artificial ficus cover you for another year?

I have no plans for plants, artificial or otherwise.