by syaffolee

Slightly acidic commentary:

One Writer’s Secret. Yeah? You could have avoided all the dramatics if you did at least one thing: backup. Not all writers like the freedom entailed from having posts mysteriously disappear. That’s why I save all my entries on a word processing document first. (And if that makes my writing more pedestrian, so be it. I never claimed to write like The New Yorker.)

Top 50 Interesting Recent Blogs With Context. Whatever. It’s just like those popularity indices that list the sites with the most links, like Blogdex or Daypop. If I wanted interesting I’d either check out random obscure blogs or read the people on my blogroll.

Prokofiev and propaganda. So music can be scary because of its political underpinings. So what? That doesn’t mean that you can’t appreciate it. This column was a bit of a serendipitous find, surprising in that I was listening to a recording of Prokofiev’s Love for Three Oranges (the Russian version, not the French) this morning which isn’t so absurdist as being one giant fairy tale where princesses die and the bad guys get away. Besides, I liked the passage where the characters were laughing in time with the music. I’d imagine it’s very difficult to do that and sound believable all at once.