by syaffolee

This is what I meant by commentary:

The Ageless Project. (via Kalilily Time) I’m sure with the copious hints in my past posts, my age (or lack thereof) is pretty obvious. I just recently submitted this site so I’m not listed yet, but of the people who’ve been listed, there are only two with my same birthday, a guy who is nearing 30 and a gothy teenager. Some other people who share my birthday are over at the Globe of Blogs which include more teenagers, mothers, a sex addict, political junkies, and frivolous linkers. Wonderful company.

U.S.-German Rift Reaches Schoolyard Level. (via Metafilter) What’s scary is that I actually visited that particular Tennessean high school two or three times before. My impressions of it weren’t exactly favorable.

“If the world as we know it comes to an end and Hanover is the last remaining outpost of civilization, Dartmouth students could still count on a meal at Food Court.” The first image that popped into mind was a horde of trendy students fighting over chocolate bars.