by syaffolee

I recall that last year in April I attempted to do a novel in a month thing outside of November (the actual month for noveling). It was an ambitious goal–too ambitious–since I never got off the ground after the first couple of days. I don’t think it was because I had more work because typically November is more hectic. It was probably the lack of motivation and that no one else was doing it then.

I’m not going to retry writing a novel this April. My goals this coming month will be much smaller. I’m going to edit one short story and finish another one. If I’m lucky, I’ll get to send both of them out before April ends and start chewing my fingers waiting for a rejection or acceptance.

Anyways, some other stuff:
New Hampshire Writers’ Project. (via Private Ink) I’m thinking of attending one of the poetry readings around the state on April 25. Hopefully nothing will come up before then.
BlogShares. (via Taco Shop Psychic) Now this raises some interesting thoughts. In one very big sense, how much your blog is worth is due to your popularity and how many people link to you. I know this is just a game, but a blog is an extension of someone. Will undervalued blogs cause their owners to feel underappreciated? Will overvalued blogs cause those owners to also have over-inflated egos? This reminds me of a rather morbid anecdote: medical schools do not pay the same amount for every corpse.
Exploratorium Magazine. The current issue is interesting if you don’t already know how an fMRI works. The back issues however contain articles on a variety of topics like paper, language, and chocolate–things that I don’t know very much about.