by syaffolee

More Thoughts on (Non)Parallel Universes

So according to this multiverse model thing, sheer probability says we have a double somewhere. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Stupid Star Trek stuff, you might say. Heard it all before.

Yes, but just stop and think about that. If there is an infinite amount of space, I will have an infinite number of doubles. In some universes, I would have decided to go to any of a thousand other colleges in the world. Or I could have chosen not to. Or maybe some of my selves aren’t even on Earth any more. Maybe technology there advanced so far that I’m now on the moon or Mars or some other planet and taking courses there. In some universes, I won’t be blogging and in others, I might be living next door to the people on my blogroll. Hey, according to the theory, if it could happen, it probably is happening somewhere.

Most people pride themselves on not acting on their impulses. But every time you make a decision, several universes split off depending on the choices you make. So somewhere, one of your doubles is a total slob or maybe incarcerated somewhere for a crime. Then again, you probably have a double who is leading the perfect life. It’s not really uplifting to know this is not the perfect universe.

Everyone’s imagined some event and thought, Nah, it’ll never happen. But then it does happen–somewhere else. Or what about the people who tell stories for a living. Heck, just consider writers. What if all these fiction stories were actually real elsewhere? What if what we are doing right now is a story someone is writing? What if we are somebody’s idea of a cheesy fantasy novel? Oh man.

Writers are gods.